Discover the super-citrus


This variant is a citrus-hoppy bomb. Combination of yuzu and citrus-floral Cascade hop provides extremely high aroma, taste and refreshment..

Yuzu fruit comes from Asia and has taste of few common known citrus fruits. Extremely valued, especially in Japanese kitchen. Inconspicuous with his look, surprises with plenteous and composite character.

Cascade Hop is an icon among american, new-wave hops – was a part of starting world beer revolution. Very aromatic, with citrusy-floral profile. Cascade plays very well with other citrus-flavored additives.


During embodiment of slogan „The exotic goes hoppy” we will successive roll out next variants of our drink.

We want to use full potential of new-wave hops and exotic fruits, so we are going to reach different hops, diffrent fruits and curious, natural additives for our recipes.

Do you have an idea for new combination of exotic fruits and aromatic hop? You can’t imagine Hopsoda without your favourite flavor? Share with us your vision and insights.